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Re: Triggers
Dec 4, 2009
Well, I've seen so many discussions on the Internet about anxiety and GERD that I think they're related. I never considered myself a very anxous person, but a few months ago my husband and I both contracted a virus and I concurrently developed alot of chest pain and pressure. My primary did a bunch of basic heart tests and sent me for a stress echo to rule out viral-related heart complications. All of this took place over a 2 month period and - during that time of wondering WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING TO MY BODY - I know I was an anxious mess. One night I'm pretty sure I had my very first panic attack. I was very worried I was having a heart attack that night because I was having so much chest pain. (I even called my neighbor, a wonderful man who's also an EMT, and he came over right away, checked me out, and calmed me down - no heart attack.) During these 2 months my throat and mouth got increasingly sore and I made several more visits to my primary. I had NO IDEA I was refluxing all of this time (and neither did he) - who knew it could cause throat and mouth pain or even chest pain (vs. the classic heartburn that doctors ask about)? I probably also made the reflux worse because, the more sore my mouth and throat became, the more TEA I drank (my comfort drink when I'm feeling crummy). Oy vay - what you don't know CAN hurt you for sure. Finally I called my primary and begged to see an ENT because I was desperate for someone to look into my throat to see what MONSTER had taken up residence there. I feel very fortunate to have found an ENT who knows something about LPR and could diagnose me immediately. Now that I know what I'm dealing with, I'm no longer a bundle of nerves, but I do think my nerves at the onset of this probably made the "attack" much worse. Now I'm trying to get everything back on an even keel and have resisted taking any anxiety medication (even tho' my doctor offered it and there have been many days when I have been tempted). I've read too many testimonies from people whose GERD or LPR got much worse when they tried to come off their anxiety meds. I don't want to start on anxiety meds and I don't even want to be on this darned PPI, but the PPI is probably a necessary evil for now.

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