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Acid Reflux / GERD Message Board

Acid Reflux / GERD Board Index strange, mine came on VERY suddenly too, like i know the exact date and where i was at. Starting in Jan i developed IBS and then awful migraines and i thought it was all b/c i've been weaning from psychiatric drugs (for anxiety) b/c i've NEVER had the severity or duration of problems that i have in my life...i mean ever......then when i thought i could possibly be in the clear, "THIS" started....i call it this b/c its so much more than gerd. Prilosec was able to control it for a few weeks (in June), then i stopped the prilosec thinking i was all better after that odd fluke, it came back with avengence, then started to get better after a month (by better i mean like scotchtape holding a broken tight kinda works but not for good). So, i thought maybe i was having side effects from prilosec and stopped again in sept (for ONE day)...then it became ungodly awful....and since then i've upped my prilosec and have had a few instances where i ate "too much" food which is a joke b/c its not even my normal amount, my 5 year old son can eat more than me now :(...and i will feel a muscle down there bulge and its just pure hellish anymore, i don't even know how else to describe it. For a few weeks there, it was hard to get ANY food in, even an ensure, now its kinda getting easier but it still feels like someone seared the inside of my throat and now its sore and feels odd and food still doesn't go down right. I honest to god cannot believe this is happening.

I did not know something this painful and debilitating existed with gerd...and better yet that the dr wouldn't know what to do when i didn't respond well to a ppi....i am sooo sick of dr's and urgent cares. I am just trying to go about life as normal as possible to have some type of "normal" but this is crazy. I will tell you what internist says. I have a feeling more expensive tests and i pray for not bad news, oh how i pray right now after months of this.

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