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I've been diagnosed with acid reflux 2 months ago and in the last 5 weeks I'm unable to eat any solid just gets stuck =/

so I went to my doc and told her that when I eat and even when I chew food to the smallest particles I still feel it gets stuck and for some time I jjust felt it got stuck, but now I feel like it's stucking on the right side right beside where guys have adam's apple...I told this to my doc and she sent me to barium swallow which I have next week, cause she said there could be diverticulum (a pocket in my throat where food stucks)

so I wanted to know if anyone had this same sensation with acid reflux? I'm afraid if they found next week it's diverticulum, cause I'm afraid I'll have to go on operation and I read in some cases it can be fatal too :(
Hi Tom! Thank you for sharing your experience as well. The more that there is similar to all of us the better, cause it makes bearing it a little easier when we know we're not alone. I was at the doctor today and she gave me another 4 packs of esomeprazol 40mg which I'm taking 1 pill before sleep. I also asked about gastroscopy and my barium swallow result which showed no diverticulums (she was suspecting one after I told her my food stays on particular place on the right side) and she said gastrocopy isn't necessary since I told her I can eat a little better now, but food is still getting stuck. she said if it gets worse I'll have to go, otherwise that's it. So I'm on esomeprazol for at least 2 more months and then I make an appointment again..she also sent me to fonbiator (sp?) ceause she's more concerned about my raspy voice which I have for as long as I remember... I told her about food sticking and if there's anything else to do and she said it could be all due to sore throat..I'll see if that's the case in a week or so, cause for now I still am getting food stuck on the right side.

Tom I also am cutting out caffein for about a year already, chocolate (tho sometimes like now for instance when my bday is coming up I tried chocolate cake),and spicey foods. I don't drink alcohol, so this one's a piece of cake for me. I try not to eat after 7pm too, cause I have to be fasting 2 hours before I take my pill and 1 hour after I take it I shouldn't eat either, so after that it's my bedtime and I don't anything after that.
Wow you're exersising too? geez I already lostabout 22lbs for not being able to eat any solid for 5 weeks and I had to stop exersising, cause that would only take me more lbs.

yes, please do report us on your results and good luck!

about natural herbs, I tried so far only apple cider vinegar+honey combo...someone here suggested clean apple jiuce too, so I'll probably go about trying this one if it doesn't get better with my meds.

You're right, it's a mental fight and I hate it, but together we're stronger! :)

I hope we keep in touch too and wish you and pray for all of us for good health too!
I'm in the same exact boat. I'm trying to figure out whats going on as well. I have always had heartburn and I take Prevacid 30mg 1 time a day. A few months ago I started having phlegm in my throat and constantly clearing my throat. I went and had my throat scoped and they found moderate esophagitis.
He switched me to Zegerid 1 time a day. I felt that I had fewer side effects but that it was making my anxiety medicine not work as well and I didn't want to increase my anxiety medicine so he put me back on Prevacid. Throat got worse over a few weeks after the switch, constant phlegm and felt wheezy. My doctor sent me to an allergy doctor. He gave me a nose spray and a asthma medicine. I tried the nose spray and it did help with some of the phlegm but made my sore throat worse. So I stopped it, I haven't tried the asthma medicine yet because I'm afraid to do anything that will make it worse. I have lost 40 pounds in 2 months and can barely eat because the food feels like it gets stuck on the right side of my throat and makes my anxiety go through the roof. So I have been drinking Boost Plus quite a bit and eating when I feel like I can. I'm only 26 and was fine 3 months ago. I'm trying to figure out whats going on, but no luck yet.
survived my gastro..still having painful throat..I felt I had some piece of bread from the previous day stuck there and I told that the doc before he put endoscope in my esophagus and I have no idea what he was doing, but right there where I felt food stuck before it hurts me now really badly when I swallow. Why would that hurt me, anyone has any idea? I asked the doc if there was anything there, but he said no..I don't know how he can say that if I felt someting is there? his only answer was that my throat is inflamed and that I have a 'feeling' of food sticking there..I don't get it how it's a feeling for him if I actually feel it there when I swallow and when it gets stuck? I also asked about stretching and the nurse there said this is done only when throat is really inflamed and that in my case this isn't necessary (?) however I got the result which is mild erythematous antral gastritis. what does this mean? other than that all the other things are in normal state, no h. pylori, no nothing.. and the doc said I should be taking Esomeprazole for one more month and later I should be treated with antacids if needed. that's his diagnosis, but I still didn't find out why the food is getting suck on the right side :(
I have no idea what my doc will pu me on now when I take my results to her..probably she'll say the same..take Esomeprazol for on more month and then we'll see, but what can I still do? I don't want this stupid food getting stuck in my throat, cause I can't continue like that, cause I'm losing too much weight, cause I'm not eating properly..what do you guys suggest?

I don't wanna be like that forever, I just wanna finally eat normal! Geez, I'm only 20 and have to go through such a bad disease. :(

sorry for rambling, but I really feel bad right now and my throat hurts so bad and had to vent this out.
[QUOTE=Ohioman197;4162262]xx... I have had my throat stretched... and some of the same symptons. If your esophagus is raw, enflamed etc... that can cause the feeling of food being stuck. You need to very carefully allow it to heal! Here is what WORKED for me. I ate soft foods for two - three weeks...such as.. oatmeal, egg beaters with cottage cheese, soups, mashed potatoes, cooked or steamed veggies, small and I mean small pieces of fish, meat, poultry. I also started drinking 2 oz. of aloe vera juice twice a day. Tea with honey... these two helped cure and heal my irritated and inflamed esophagus. If you want more..I can be more specific.. I am at [email protected] You will be chips, nothing to scratch your esophagus for months!!!
You can do it...


[QUOTE=abbydabbydew;4161760]Hello, xx. I don't have time right now to read previous posts to see how long you've been dealing with this - how long have you had this feeling of something being stuck in your throat? I just popped in with a word of hope and encouragement - this will almost assuredly not last forever or be a permanent condition. If you have been scoped and the doctor assures you there is nothing there, there quite likely is nothing stuck there - which is not to say that you're imagining your discomfort. I had this feeling of something in my throat for several months, but it DID go away and so did the chest pain I was having. It took time and careful attention to what I was eating, how I was eating, when I was eating, and regular medication, but I am starting to feel much, much better and trust that you will, too. Your GI report sounds like very good news and hopefully your body will "right itself" soon.[/QUOTE]

thank you very much both of you guys for your reply and comfort, I really appreciate it.

[B]@Tom[/B] You had your throat streched during your gastro or were you sent there specifically to have your throat streched? What were your problems like that doc suggested throat stretching? cause as I said when I asked gastrologist about it he said only hugely inflamed throat gets to be stretched and that mine isn't THAT MUCH inflamed.

Thank you for your diet suggeestion, but believe me, I'm eating only puddings and probiotic drinks for 2 months already and it's not any better..I only started to eat bread again after 2 months 2 weeks ago, so I don't know how my throat can still be so inflamed..I'm taking my meds, but my doc prescribed for me to take them before sleep, cause she says at night when you sleep acid is at worst..but maybe that's the problem? when I gor my results from yesterday's gastro he wrote there I should be taking Esomeprazol at morning for about one more maybe because I was taking it in the evening it doesn't have much effect on me? I took it in the afternoon today and will try to take it in the morning now and will see if there are any differences.
However about those foods you suggested, I tried to eat beaten eggs about a week ago and they got stuck in my throat..a piece of it..and I really tried to chew as much as I could. From fish I only tried this italian food rio mare and I could eat that and poultry I could get down too.

About aole vera juice, does it have to be any specific brand or any aloe vera juice? and tea with honey, what tea are you drinking with it? cause I'm not allowed to drink any fruit tea's, cause my doc said they're bad for reflux, so I'm stuck with hip's tea for now. From time to time too I drink raspberry's syrup juice, can I drink that?

[B]@all[/B] when are you guys taking your meds anyway?

no chips you say? you know I actually managed to get 2 portions of it down without sticking feeling today, so maybe/hopefully after all my gastro has helped anyway and somehow 'stretched' my throat, tho I still feel pain where I felt food stuck yesterday..however, will report in a few days too how's going with my eating.

[B]@all[/B] is anyone here who after gastro could eat more normally, if you felt your food sticking before?

[B]@abby[/B] I have this feeling now that food gets stuck on my right side for about a month and a half now..thank you for your encouraging words, it means a lot. well I know that it doesn't mean I'm imaging it being there, but you know it's so irritating when you hear it's only a feeling when YOU actually feel it there..I have no idea how, but I REALLY feel things there when they stick. It usually happens after a few bites and even though I'm drinking while I'm eating and being careful when swallowing and chewing.
I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and thank you, I REALLY hope you're right and this feeling or whatever it is will go away soon, so I won't have my anxiety jumping up to the roof when it happens. :dizzy:

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