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[QUOTE=jaboop35;4143204]Hey everyone. A little background first. First off, I've had a couple of pretty stressful months, and have a history of reflux that mainly seems to be triggered by stress. I had it under control before and was fine for about 4 years, and now it seems to be back, though I'm not sure. About a month ago, I started kinda getting short of breath at times. I have occasional asthma, but it didn't really feel like asthma, more just like a shortness of breath. I also started kinda having this dry cough, not productive, and when it was it was always clear. Then about a few weeks later, my ribs started to kinda hurt, and I was getting chest pains on the right side of my chest, about 2 ribs from my collarbone, and sometimes my ribcage feels like it's vibrating. Occasionally, I'll also have this strange popping/gurgling feeling under my ribs, but that's not really associated with any pain though. I also seem to have a lot of postnasal drip, constant clearing of throat, and sometimes a feeling of something stuck on the one side. I have good days, and then bad days, and there's no pattern whatsoever. I also tend to get a burning feeling in my throat sometimes, but not always. I've been to my asthma/allergist doc and a redi-care doc, both said lungs sound fine, been for a chest x-ray which was also clear. Both kinda pointed to reflux, but weren't sure. Does any of this sound like reflux or has anyone experienced similar symptoms with their reflux. Please help, I'm starting to get worried it's something much more serious. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

we seem to share the same problem. I was also having stressful months where I'd get tingling at heart, difficulty breathing and swallowing. I had moments when I ate I thought I was gonna choke on every bite of sandwich. then I got on antidepressants and after a year of taking them I felt I was ok enough to stop taking them so I did. And this is where my reflux returned as well, just like in your case..only it returned in a way worse form than I had it first, cause first one when I felt I couldn't swallow was lasting for about a week, cause then AD's kicked in and I was able to eat normally again..also after 2 months or so I then stopped feeling tingling in heart and short of breath.
I also have lots of dry cough lately, been through bronchitis a few weeks ago which made it only worse. Postnasal drip is in my case too and constant clearing of throat and the thing I lately overpanick with, food sticking on one side, on the right side to be precise. So yeah I'd say you're definitely dealing with reflux, but as others already pointed out it's probably LPR reflux, cause you mention burning in throat which with normal reflux you normally don't have, cause acid doesn't come that up.

I hope you're getting your medication already and we both will feel better very soon. remember not to give in, cause that's what I'm trying to tell myself too, cause with anxiety and reflux mixed it gets really irritating.

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