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[QUOTE=k9love;4143935]Sorry to ask again but when I went to the ENT last week he said it looks like I had reflux, heres my symptoms.
Sore throat constantly on left side.
Build up of phlem in throat.
Not much indigestion tho?
Ocassional burning which travels up my throat.
Left ear feels strange, like its blocked.
Strange that my throat feels better in the mornings tho? and gradually gets worse through the day(could be that I still smoke!)? and its irratating the burn in my throat?
Question? will this throat burn/sore ever go away? Ive had it for 9mths now.
Also the last few nights in the middle of the night my teeth have been aching.
Anyone know if this is actually Reflux?


I just wanted to commiserate with you if nothing more.

I have nearly all the same symptoms as you with the addition of a few more. When I wake up in the mornings, my throat and chest feel tender on the right side. I attribute it to laying on that side during the night and the acid standing in a pool. Sometimes I notice it in the back, dead center if I sleep on my back too long.

I get terribly phlegmy after I eat, sometimes so thick I can barely swallow it back down. My right ear is constantly plugged and often aches, seemingly in conjunction with these flareups I've been getting lately.

I wake up and feel fine as well. Even after lunch I'm usually okay. It all seems centered around my evening meal, even when it's small. I finished eating tonight at 9:20pm and just now I'm feeling itchy, raw throat, and my food is beginning to work it's way back up my esophagus. I can tell because I have a frothy gas that's beneath food and I feel lots of pressure from my mid-sternum up to my throat. It'll keep getting worse for the next hour and then go away. It's a pain in the butt and driving me nuts.

If you find out more about your symptoms, keep me posted. I'm beginning to get a little freaked out about mine though I doubt anything is seriously wrong.

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