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Here are my symptoms which I have been "enjoying' for the past five months.
Post nasal drop. Huge amount of mucus in the back of my throat which is virtualy impossible to remove. Sometime I feel as if I have a fever (but I do not have it!), cold hands and feet, muscle ache, fatigue; I feel unusally tired and sleepy. Things get a bit better when I excercise but only for a little while. My throat is constantly irritated and looks veiny. Sometimes it feels scratchy and hurts.
My mouth taste a bit bitter.
I occasionally have headache but do not know if it is connected to this issue.
strangely there re period of the days in which I feel a bit better and perionds in which I feel very down. It is really difficult to see a clear pattern. I do not know what triggers the symptoms, which is extremely frustrating.
Here is what I have been doing:
I did a complete blood test and I have never been better on paper.
I tried Nasonex and salty water in the nose, both helpful in the beginning but not anymore. I thught it was the weather and my being more prone to sore throat on cold wehather but living in florida that was somewhat unlikely to be the cause. I went to see an ENT. I did some allergy test. I tested positive to dust mites and mold (who hasn't?). six months ago I accidentally ate peanuts that had fallen on the carpet and had been put back in the jar. However, I am not quite sure that is the cause of my problems. I am taking allergy shots. It has been two months and so far no improvement. I tried sporadically with some anthistamine: no effect.
I was told it could be food related. I am allergic to bananas and avocados. I doubt they are responsible for my symptoms. However, I am willing to accept the idea that the source of my problem is my stomach.
I was told to follow the caveman diet and the elimination diet. I tried, but not religiously enough because so far no improvement. I tried the corn-free diet. Someone suggested LPR either induced by a problem with the sphincter or by food intolerance. I will try to schedule a 24 Ph test next week. Before taking PPI I want to make sure that is the cause of my problem. I actualy did try but stopped as soon as I saw some improvement. I should have continued probably but I am always terrified that I might become too dependant of those drugs. I have to say I experienced few symptom-free days while not taking anything. I have also read that a possible cause could be yeast overgrowth (candida). Again, before taking medication I want to try to get tested (blood test and stool test). I have been taking apple cider vinegar for almost a month with no tangible results. I am starting again to take probiotics and digestive enzime. Anyone who experienced the same symptoms?

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