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Sore throat
Dec 23, 2009
well, i've had gerd issues, etc for 6 MONTHS now, nearly daily. So my update is i went to the internist for a 2nd opinion (i've lost 25 lbs and have supposed throat ulcers although i did not have them for my endoscopy in July). The internist says it is gerd and ibs (he looked at my old bloodwork from Jan and endoscopy from July) and he doesn't believe i need anymore tests now (even though my throat burns on one side every minute of the day and i can see a sore) and wants me to start sulcraflate and bentyl for an antispasmodic. He had his nurse call me a week ago to start this new med set. He also believes i need an antidepressant for my stomach even though mentally i feel in TIP TOP-i have suffered from anxiety issues for years and it was the worst the past two years i decided to try meds for it- shape and both dr's agree that weaning off of xanax is what has triggered this esophagitis/digestive storm :( So, i told him i am hesitant to go that route as i was JUST on th antidepressant route and it wreaked havoc on my system so it seems like a quick fix for THEM to throw me back on one to quiet my stomach?

I have not started the new meds b/c i was on bentyl in Jan for when i did have ibs systems and although helpful for my intestines, it made me very very dizzy and out of it. I have looked up the carafate (sulcraflate) and it has alot of aluminum in it and if i have to take it i will but so far i haven't had a dr actually see an ulcer yet, just lots of irritation and they suspect there are ulcers possibly now and i am on so many meds that i do not know how to fit this med in 4 x a day w/out eating/other meds for 2 hours before and after the dr said. So i remain on aloe vera juice as some kind of protection. I upped my prilosec to 40 mg last month after i became really sick and could hardly eat and i now can eat more but am still getting the reflux, as well as super sore left throat and left ear ALL the time. So, i am going to try nexium, again, in the next few days. I guess i have been somewhat on hold with the holidays and for me, personally, trying new meds is no walk in the park, its almost always difficult.

I am trying my best but my sister in law made me sad last night b/c she was talking about her dad w/ throat cancer (he was a heavy smoker for 40 years) and said its not good i have all that inflammation, thats how people get cancer, well, I KNOW that and i have religiously been doing all i can (the past month i've been very careful about all these drugs the drs keep throwing at me though) but it takes awhile to figure it out and its really hard in people like me whom meds only work somewhat. She made me feel so sad, like i don't even have a chance at survival.

I wish i had better news and could come here and say, yeah, all better, but i don't right now....on the plus side, i am able to eat soemwhat small and regular meals again...i have been feeling like i'm going to survive this (until last night) and acupuncture and herbs have helped tremendously with my anxiety and gallbladder pain.. on the negative side i have lots of left side throat inflammation, veiny and 2 white/yellow spots :( :( .....anyone else whom lives with this throat inflammation on a daily basis? not just here and there, everyday.

Happy holidays all you gerd and lpr sufferers, thanks for letting me vent again...boy do i loathe this stuff and hope they find out more about it (the internist even admitted they really don't know alot about gerd and ibs and more research needs to be done).

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