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I was diagnosed with what appears to be lupus (SLE) about one year ago. The only clinical symptom I have is constant, "mild" acid reflux. I have been on Aciphex (20 mg) once a day for the past couple years. The reflux went away for three months at one point (after stopping meds when symptoms had stopped). But then the constant reflux came back. I have reflux after eating any and all foods. But acidic foods and beverages actually resolve the symptoms. No doubt, they're masking the reflux. I never get chest pain or burning. But I do have a very mild, but noticeable, sour taste after eating...every time. I also get mucus in my throat; but I do have sinus issues a lot. I cough after a sip of wine. And I often have a quick, dry cough after my first bite of any type of food at a meal. I stopped caffeine and sodas for awhile, but that didn't seem to make any difference for me. I also stopped chocolate, lessened tomatoes, etc. But changing my diet didn't do much, if anything. I read something about hypersensitive esophagus and didn't know if it could be tied to gastritis and GERD or LPR.

I had an endoscopy about a year ago, and the doc found mild, chronic gastritis, but no hiatal hernia, etc. I'm wondering if because I was diagnosed with lupus (SLE), I am destined to have constant reflux. My gastro doc actually laughed at me when I asked her if she thought I had LPR (not GERD). She said it's the same thing. I wonder if I should go to two Aciphex pills a day? I'm switching doctors in 2010 and hope to get better answers from a new facility. I'd appreciate any thoughts from you.

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