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Hi, I to have acid reflux for around 11 yrs maybe 12. It sure a pain to deal with. I was just sleeping and starting to cough up the acid, burning my thoat and almost making me vomit. My acid refllux has lead to other conditons, I have Interstitial Cystitis which a problem in my bladder, the bladder is unable to keep it's mucus lining and gets irritated and burns, makes you urinate a lot, with tons of pain, some times blood clots. The PH of my bladder and urine is extremely high, this do to my acid reflux. It's horrible, I am getting tired of this constant burning, vomiting, stinging pee with blood in it.
Also to mention it I do have lots of sinus burning and pain. When I vomit from the reflux normally after lying down when in bed it comes out my nose. So I think this has effected my sinus in that cause chronic infections of the sinus. Boy does it suck.
Debra age 32

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