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Symptoms for GERD
Jan 10, 2010
Dear all,

I am 22 and was diagnosed with GERD about two years ago. Currently my GERD attacks got more severe, so I would like to hear what you have to say about these symptoms and are they actually related to GERD (as my GP keeps insisting).

My journey into the world of GERD started about two years ago when I started to get a bloated feeling in my stomach and especially in the liver region. After a night out and having drinks, the next day my stomach was bloated and felt like a balloon, so I went to my GP. I thought that these symptoms might be liver related, so I insisted on USG besides GP's recommendation of endoscopy. USG turned out to be fine and based on endoscopy I was diagnosed with GERD. After taking the medication, symptoms went away.

After half a year I noticed that after a night of drinking, next day I would get the same bloating and uncomfortable feeling in liver area. Over couple of months these symptoms would get worse and evolved in more or less a constant outcome - if I would be having larger amounts of alcohol, the next day I would be fine when waking up, but starting from around 16:00 I would be starting to get what seemed almost like a seizure, which would take it's peak around 17:00 and then turn to more or less normal (as interesting as not these times usually stay constant no matter when you go to sleep or wake up). During the peak I am not able to sit in a fixed position or laying - walking around seems to be the most comfortable state.

My symptoms are:
- stomach bloating with especially uncomfortable feeling under my right rib (not always exactly in the same place);
- difficulties to breath;
- difficulties to swallow;
- dizziness which is not result from alcohol;
- kind of dragging feeling or that something would be moving down inside the abdomen;
- during the peak it would also be hard to urinate, because of strange feeling in region under the navel.

I never had:
- appetite problems;
- nausea.

In times of having severest seizures, it would feel that I would die. So I went once more to my doctor convinced that GERT couldn't cause such a range of symptoms especially with the uncomfortable feeling in liver region. I ran blood tests with liver enzymes, urine test and both of them were fine. GP generally insisted that it's just GERT.

My seizures got worse and worse until the day when I went to study to another country - for two months I wouldn't get any of these symptoms after alcohol consumption. Now seizures are back - although they stopped for a week when I went back home for Christmas - and last time was really bad - I got really dizzy and by the momentum of having difficulties to swallow saliva had a feeling that something suddenly might go even worse and death might occur.

As mentioned before, I would get full range of symptoms only after the use of alcohol (sometimes just from small and sometimes only from excessive amounts). Simple solution would be stop consuming alcohol, but social networking by having drinks takes an important role in my professional life, although now because of the dizziness the next day would be totally wasted and symptoms would disappear in two or three days time. Also I find that having this fixed time of seizures is quite weird. Do you think that it's just GERD

Thank you for reading!

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