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[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="4"][/SIZE][/FONT] Hello my name Debra, I am 32 yr old female with acid reflux. It started out just as some heart burn then it was every day every night. In the last 2 years I have had 4 EGD's (the scope into my stomach). My acid reflux has caused lots of digestive problems for me. I have been diagnosised with Gastrparesis (my food takes much longer to leave the stomach) chronic gastritis the doctor said my stomach looks like a field that has been washed out by the rain, it's red, wavy indentation in the stomach lining. I had an EGD done 12/09 they found that not only does the valve or muscle that holds the food in the stomach and keeping from rising back into the esophagus isn't working allowing my stomach contents to rise back into my esophagus, causing the vomiting. Also the found that when the food leaves my stomach and enters the intestines it then re-enters my stomach because the muscle that stops from re-entering the stomach is damaged. I also uclers in my esophagus. Also because I have so much acid in my body, I developed Interstitial Cystitis a bladder condition that causes the bladder lining to shed, because of the high PH. It's a chronic pain thing to causing me to pee blood, have painful urniation, burning after, the urge to urinate when I don't have to. I am constantly drinking water, I always carry a bottle with me every where I go.
That's why I am up tonight at 3:43 am writing this. I take several different medications Nexium 40 mgs 2 times a day, carafate 1 gm 4 times a day, reglan 10 mgs 4 times a day, and protonix 40 mgs 1 time a day, Zantac 150 mg. I feel like a walking pharmacy.
When I have these vomitting episodes I am always lying down. I can't get any sleep. For the last week I have been sitting straight up bed and still have acid rising into my throat.
Does any one have these problems?
Desparate seeking sleep with out acid pain and problems. Darn stomach.
Any imput or suggestion would be wonderful or just a little support.
Also this is my first post, so I look forward to meeting some of you and hearing your exp with nasty friend acid reflux.:confused:

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