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Hi all, I am 34 yrs old and had been suffering with extreme GERD for the past 6 years. I believe I injured my esophagus one morning while doing some upside down crunches with weights at the gymn. I had a sudden onset of nausea and chest pain and thought at the time I was having a heart attack. I went to the doctor and after several tests was prescribed nexium which I took for the last 6 years. The nexium only partially worked and strangely my GERD would go away for an hour or two after I would eat so I ate alot. Long story short, over the past 6 years my health steadily declined and I gained about 50 pounds. I was unable to exercise the way I had in the past due to the extreme symptoms exercise would bring on and the nexium seemd to drain me of all energy. I bounced around from doctor to doctor desperately looking for the actual cause (and cure) for my problem rather than medications. Finally, I found a surgeon an hour away who specialized in digestive disorders. I had the nissen fundoplication on Feb 25, 2010. I was very nervous and scared about having the surgery but I thought it was worth a try. When I woke up after the surgery I was in extreme pain, which lasted for the first 2 days that I was in the hospital post surgery. During those first 2 days I could not swallow, eat or get out of the bed, I barely slept due to the pain. On the third day my pain significantly declined and I was able to have broth before being discharged from the hospital. After I got home, I slept for about 14 hours straight. When I woke up on the 4th day, I felt tremendously better and by the second week I was moving around very well and felt like getting out and about (which I did)! I began to ween myself off of the 10mg Loritabs during the latter part of the second week. Currently (4 weeks post surgery) I have had absolutely no GERD symptoms or heartburn at all. I can burp just fine and I don't know about vomitting - although I can count on my hands how many times I have ever vomitted in my life so it will hopefully be a long time before I find out about that issue. I have had some bouts with gas and bloating but those seem to be related to me eating too much. I can eat just about everything without any problems at this point except bread, past and rice (unless the pasta and rice are cooked very tender/mushy), the key is to chew everything very well and go slow. I did not even try to eat anything solid until the third week post surgery. My only problem now seems to be sudden diarrhea right after I eat anything. This is annoying but hopefully it will pass and it is much less of a problem to me than the GERD was. I already feel so much better mentally/pschologically that I don't have to take any medicines and I can't wait to try exercising again. I have lost about 15lbs so far and I am hopeful of loosing more. I highly recomend this surgery to anyone who was/is suffering like I did - it has already changed my life for the better.

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