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[QUOTE=mmKay;4204228]I took Prilosec for 5 months and now I'm on my 5th month of taking Kapidex. I have an eroded esophagus due to acid reflux (even though I only had the occasional heartburn) and went on the "acid reflux diet" about year ago. I honestly stopped eating everything I wasn't supposed to eat. My throat DID get better, but it always hurts regardless. About 3 months ago I started drinking coffee again. My throat felt the same so I figured it'd be fine. [I have sleeping problems and if I don't drink coffee I WILL fall asleep ANYWHERE]. So, this week I have finals [I'm in college] and I've been drinking a lot more coffee than usual. Yesterday I started having this painful burning on the right side above my breast. I didn't have heartburn when I got diagnosed with esophagitis so I'm not really sure what other peoples' symptoms of reflux are. I'm going to the doctor on tuesday for something else but I was wondering if I should bring this up.. or if it's completely unrelated and it's something that will just go away on its own.. Thanks :][/QUOTE]

I love, love, love coffee, but it is bad, bad, bad for GERD.

Your new pain could be related to the reflux and can be something called "referred pain." It is definitely worth mentioning it to the doctor. I have read here people even feel pain in their back between their shoulder blades as a result of reflux. Then again, it could be something else and still worth mentioning to the doctor.

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