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If you are following the diet your doc or surgeon gave you, I wouldn't worry about pulling the stitches. I'd worry more about heavy lifting too soon.

The liquid or soft food allow your esophagus and stomach time to heal and the swelling to go down. You just need to be careful not to get food "stuck" above the wrap. If you ever do get something "stuck" don't worry. It is uncomfortable, but eventually everything goes down. It doesn't affect breathing because it is so low.

You should be able to sleep in comfortable positions. I had tons of left side pain with the surgery so sleeping on my back with a wedge pillow under my knees was my preferance. I don't see a problem with side sleeping.

I took 2 weeks off. I maybe could have gone back after 1, but was happy I took 2. It took me a couple weeks to get back to full speed. I just barely started on the soft food when I went back to work.

Take care,

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