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I first want to mention, it was a great emotional booster reading Rosebloom's Thread on quitting PPI's due to its "Rebound effect on acid production".

my whole acid reflux condition began sometime in the middle of march this year. I just had a mild sore throat, tightness in the chest area & without much examination, the doctor prescribed "Prevacid" a PPI. If possible I would rather not have taken it if I knew about the "Rebound effect of it".

This whole [B][COLOR="Blue"]acid reflux problem or what I think it is[/COLOR][/B] has been going on for a month and a half or so. My acid reflux symptoms are most apparent at bedtime when I lie down. I feel something coming up to the area at the back of my throat & then my I feel this burning sensation in my chest, IOW heartburn. Recently I'm starting to get it during the daytime as well, but the symptoms feel worst when I wake up in the morning or when I'm lying down. My throat feels raw & it has this burning sensation as well. My sinuses feel a bit more sensitive these days, and my ears feel a little bit stuffed up & sorta wet. Sometimes, when I wake up I feel like the air that I breathe in is really cold. My facial color has become more tanned like than before (maybe due to multi-vitamin intake).

Now, I have decided to quit taking Prevacid because I believe it was in taking this medication that brought on the symptoms of GERD, since prior to taking this medication for the first time, it wasn't that bad. In fact, I have never really consistently taken this medication over the course of a month or so. The longest I took Prevacid was for 5 days or so, and then I stopped taking it again, then on and off.

Here is my list of things I'm going to do to get over the 3 months (potentially even longer) Acid Rebound from not taking Prevacid.

1) Diet rich in lean meat protein (eg. chicken breast, chicken leg) and bean curd while staying away from caffeinated drinks, fatty foods and citrus.
2) Low-Complex Carbohydrate diet (maybe a slice of whole wheat bread)
3) Eating alkaline forming vegetables & fruits (broccolli, carrots, bannana etc)
4) Eating a tablespoon of Manuka Honey 4 times a day. (i have the umf 5+)
5) Chinese herbal medicine (hangekoubokutou which is supposed to relax the muscles and regain back normal functionality of the body)
6) Aloe Vera Gel (if i can gain access to it)
7) DGL (if i can find it in my local health food store) to soothe my burning throat.
8) Finish eating before 7pm & not going to bed for at least 3 hours after eating.
9) Take Multi-vitamin & Mineral supplement along with my solid food (which should aid in maintaining my health and strengthening my immune system)
10) Perhaps have Gaviscon just in case of emergencies. (better loose than constipated)
11) Elevating head of bed at least to a 45 degree angle so gravity can do its job better in keeping the acid at bay. (i usually can't sleep well with bed elevated, but its better than going into a panic because of throat issues)

I haven't used Gaviscon before, and I have still not yet discovered what is really the underlying problem.

I got a referral to see a gastro enterologist who also happens to use the new pH monitoring system called the Bravo pH monitoring system which actually monitors reflux episodes over a 48 hour period by keeping a record of pH changes where the sensors are placed. This will tell me for sure whether I have acid reflux or whether its some other health condition thats causing it.

I might also go see an ENT specialist to check and see my current throat esophagus condition. If its not too bad then thats great new.

I just don't get why just lying down makes stomach content come up all the way to my throat, even though my head is above my stomach when i'm lying down on my bed inclined.
This might mean I have to have surgery to tighten up the LES or could it be the UES as well since the condition that I have seems similiar to LPR.

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