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Today, will be..again..the 1st day off PPI (Omeprazole) except, I'm still taking:

- Prokinetic agent (mosapride citrate hydrate)
- anxiety reliever (sedile)
- Chinese Herbal Medicine (to get rid of the inflammation in my throat)
- anti-biotic (flomox)
- I'm planning on adding a stomach lining reinforcement medicine (since acid rebound is going to be working hard in my stomach)

My dinner: finished at 7:00pm. Will not eat or drink anything after this. Probably sleep by 11pm or so.

- Apple
- Rice (1 and a half bowl)
- fermented beans
- cod fish (marinated with herbs & virgin olive oil)
- Water
- Sea vegetables

So far symptoms include bloating, abdomen is really tight & a tiny pain occasionally. This is why I should take a medicine that actually strengthens the stomach lining at least temporarily until the acid rebound subsides. this so-called acid rebound shouldn't be too bad since I've only taken the omeprazole for about 4 consecutive days only, except when adding the other PPI's like Prevacid that I used to take on an on & off basis, it could be a bit different.

- so far made sure nothing is even applying any amount of pressure to my abdomen area.
- bed is also raised 10inches high

we'll see how my sleep goes today...

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