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I have been on acid reducers for about 15 years now. I have taken aciphex, prevacid, prilosec, nexium, reglan, the worst was nexium. It almost caused me to not be able to walk. Gastro doc told me to stop taking nexium, side effect in some are difficulty walking. I took it for three years. I am now on ompersole the generic of prilosec 10 mg a day. I have nite time reflux bad at times coughing, wheezing, eyes run and nasal congestion. Lots of mucus clear that fills my throat. I cannot eat chocolate or ice cream it makes this worse. I am concerned after the length of use about fractures as I don't take calcium. I will however start this week to take a viatin chew calcium supplement. I also have fibro which doesnt help either. I've had it for about 17 years. Something you learn to live with.

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