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Well I am curious about acid reflux.I have many symptoms,but am not sure what they mean.

Feel like I get "spasms" in my I can't talk(feels like muscle weakness maybe)...have had this many times.

Also I can hear and feel a "clicking" sound farther down in my throat.I noticed it happens when I exhale and it usually happens when I have the throat spasms.

Only have heartburn rarely and when I do it's very mild.

Have had acid back up in my throat really bad,but this has only happened a few times and very rarely.The last time it was bad was about a year and a half ago.Once in a while I can feel it in my chest like it wants to come up,but it just stays there.:confused:

I do have days where I burp a lot and it's loud,deep burps.Then there are days where I get annoying hiccups.

Also having to deal with getting a lot of gas after I eat and having awful bloating with it sometimes.I'm watching what I eat and I'm way too thin and need to gain weight,but I can't,because so many foods bother me.I don't get the gas pains hardly,but I have had a few times where they were really painful.

I have a lot of sinus problems too.

thanks so much


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