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You do bring up very interesting point. My hell began overnight after i weaned off of anxiety drugs (that mess with your hormones)...i am now seeing a naturopathic dr that says my hormones are seriously out of balance, much more so that what he typically sees in a 28 year old and i have severe GI problems with throat erosions etc...all from this past year. I unforuanately am one of those that ppi's have made worse, hence why i've sought out alternative health care (i'm seeing some changes good and bad which they said is normal for the first month of treatment). I still cannot stomach the herbs b/c i cannot stomach anything yet so they are doing jade treatments on me and diet until they build up my system enough.

Anyways, just wanted to comment that i feel like i am proof when your hormones are out of balance your GI system can lose its mind. Like my naturopath said, when one wheel of the GI ssytem goes off, no matter how small, then it can ALL get off balance, which is whats happened to me, gerd, gallbladder, gastritis, ibs...all in one year...w.o.w.

Best wishes to your health and healing.
Thank you for replying Marigold. You are very young to be going through these problems. I hope you are able to get relief from the naturpath.

May I ask how the PPIs made your condition worse? This is fairly new to me and I'm trying to learn from people who have experience taking them and not just off medical websites.

I read Rosebloom's thread regarding PPIs and found it very interesting that so many doctor's don't tell us the side effects, some potentially very dangerous.

I hope you are able to stay off of anxiety pills as they are so addictive. I weaned myself off over a year ago and just pray... a lot!


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