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hello dearest,

I also had minor case of bulimia and have the exact symptoms you have and have to live with it all my life...

i want to explain to you what you have, so how can I other than here?


because we were bulimics and threw up our food, we ruined a little muscle that sits on the top of our stomach which keeps all liquid contents inside our stomach down inside the stomach; we ruined that muscle, so now liquid content can go up our esophagus , the liquid content means "stomach acid" (not just food acid). stomach acid is something the stomach releases when we eat or dirnk, or even on an empty stomach. that stomach acid causes our esophagus to become narrow, so food gets stuck in it. when it is narrow, it is termed as esophagitis, in your case and my case, it is esophagitis caused by a defective stomach muscle (defective dysfunctional lower esophagus sphincter).

the medicines you have to take are either 20 mg nexium in morning on empty stomach and in evening on empty stomach

or 20mg of any protein pump inhibitor....

i have tried so many, and currently i am taking 20mg nexium in morning and20mg nexium before bed time

you can not eat anything acidic, like orange, lime, lemon
you cannot drink alcohol anymore
all your protein should be low in fat

your diet should include

nonacidic fruits for breakfast

veggies for lunch; maybe fish filet grilled or chicken breast grilled
salads without lime/lemon sauce

dinners raw veggies too

take the PPIS (20mg protein pump inhibitor at morning and night on empty stomach) every single day

take probiotic because protein pump inhibitor stop acid in the stomach; the acid keeps stomach clean from parasites/bacteria so now without acid, you need a probiotic medicine ; get the best probiotic you can

review other bulimics who did NISSAN FUNDOPLICATION SURGERY and reconstructed the MUSCLE (lower esophagus sphincter); please let me know if it worked on them , because i am considering that SURGERY so i can finally stop having the PPIS everyday

without the PPIS, i have severe severe symptoms of EXACTLY what you are feeling,
throat pain, throat stuck food, spasms, back, jaw, ears, all hurt due to acids flashing splashing up the esophagus;;;;; i live on the PPIS!!!!

i am so depressed;
this is the consequence of 5 months of minor bulimia...i ruined the most precious valve in my esophagus/stomach, the lower esophaugs sphincter which keeps stomach acids down in stomach

stomach acid is not food acid; it is HYDROCHLORIC acid HCL made from stomach walls/cells; it is like DIESEL that kills all bacteria in food/and digests proteins

PPIS which we take stop that acid , that is why we heal our esophagus as we take PPIS but we have to take it forever; i tried stopping and the symptoms were back and so so so severe so be careful

god bless you and your family.....

please let us keep in touch; maybe we can both find a surgeon to construct our lower esophagus sphincter LES

tell your doctor about the bulimia ruining the LES, and all I told you

believe me, i am so sure of what i am saying, ive done 2 yrs research on this

keep in touch please

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