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[QUOTE=Flyerfan;4338209]For those of you who have come off the PPI's, have you experienced a lot of gas or gas pains?

I'm actually going for an abd. ultrasound Monday just to make sure it's nothing else. I am either getting excessive gas or I'm getting normal gas and not passing it. I know when your stomach is producing more acid you can get gas. Tomorrow it will be 2 months since my last PPI :). Lately when my stress level is up, that's what happens. I can worry about any little thing and right now it's my vacation coming up in one week. I'm really trying to stay away from any food that is gassy and I'm not eating an enormous amount of fiber so I think it's the stress causing it because I can feel more reflux at that time, too. My ND said it's not uncommon to experience GI distress as that is the area we are working on. Still, it's very unsettling when you can't pass it and it hurts.[/QUOTE]

I had horrible gas and bloating for several weeks after stopped Aciphex. It then went away. My main symptom now is back to heartburn and ocassional throat soreness.

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