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Re: LPR and Anxiety
Nov 11, 2010
Hey Neddy,
I'm a male, 29 recently diagnosed with reflux and showing all the symptoms of LPR. I'm taking two ppis a day, and it seems to be helping, or maybe it's the placebo effect. When I drink heavily though, the next day is always bad.

We youngish guys seem to be in a sad minority with getting this problem. Have you been able to manage yours. How many breaks from symptoms have you had in the last 5 years or so. I know it's tough, but if you have any encouragement or tips, I could use them. Best of luck to you and hopefully things will get better.
P.S. did yours begin suddenly with a cold? Mine did. Not sure what that means for a long term outlook...
Re: LPR and Anxiety
Nov 16, 2010
Seeking Sunrise,

I found your post interesting as I am being worked up for LPR right now. I have a 24hr pH probe in and had a manometry this morning. I had fundoplication surgery 12 years ago for what they called atypical reflux back then (they were LPR symptoms). My symptoms have returned and they did follow one of the worst colds I have ever had. I have had these symptoms for the past 4 months; chronic cough (this symptom I have had for the last 14 years), chest pain, globus (which drives me mad; I can have this for hours after every meal), voice changes, asthma like attacks. I am not sure what they can do, I am already on PPIs and have had the surgery. Do you see a GI or ENT doc?
Re: LPR and Anxiety
Nov 19, 2010
protonix (it doesn't work right) 2 times a day, 40 mg in total.

They don't work. It's proven in the last 3 years. We have nerve damage or a virus, or fungus, or who knows what. But if you don't have esophagitis, you don't have acid reflux, so fuck this stupid idea that we need to supress acid. It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. We need to numb our vagus nerve. That's all. IMO.

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