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Wow its great to read your story because I felt like I was going crazy. I began taking PPI's about 4-5 yrs ago when I was prescribed Nexium 80mg for acid reflux, by an ENT I saw. Looking back I should have started with H2 Blockers rather than go straight to the strong stuff that have these long term use problems. Every PPI gave me side effects so they kept switching them on me. Then 8 months ago, when I prescribed Kapidex I began getting these awful symptoms; nasal drip, swollen glands that felt like I had something in my throat. I thought it was the PPI's that were giving me these symptoms, but I realize now it is probably LPR. At least the anxiety has eased a bit knowing what the real problem is. After my endoscopy just about a month ago, which caused my acid reflux to get worse. I was put on 2 40 mg of Protonix daily. However, I was determined to wean myself off of these things and I have now dropped myself to 1 Protonix every other day, and 1 150mg Zantac the other day. But now I get a call from my doctor who tells me that the endoscopy found a small lesion...atypical from too much acid in the stomach...and I will have to have another test in 1-2 years to monitor it. She said I should still try to get off the PPI's but I
am now more confused. Can I safely get off these things and keep the acid reflux in check so that I don't make things worse. Ugh.

Today I am afraid I am not having a good day, LPR symptoms are giving me a running nose, sneezing, and lots of phelm..Some days are good, but I am still having some bad and really wish I could get some really strong direction from my drs but they don't seem like they have all the answers. Sorry for the long post, just needed to vent a bit.
Thanks for sharing your story.

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