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Just curious if any other people have noticed a connection between their reflux and clenching of the jaw/grinding teeth? I have made a major new discovery. For the 6-7 years since having children, I have suffered from 24/7 reflux, my main symptom being burning in the throat-----at the sternum and higher up near my vocal cords. Well, after years of PPI's and a laundry list of meds that never really worked, I ended up getting the nissen fundo about 9 months ago. A note on the Nissen----I dreaded the surgery for years---did everything I could imagine to avoid it----tried every natural cure in the book, every western med cure---I got poked, proded, examined, rubbed, talked to, punctured---you name it. Nothing! Anyway, finally gave in and got the surgery. SO MUCH easier than I had imagined. My surgeon was superb and I had non of the long term issues that people worry about. My eating p[atterns are normal again, no swallowing issues, no GI disturbances related to the surgery. The recovery took time, but I didn't even get nausea afterwords----and trust me, I used to all the time.
Anyway, after the surgery, the burning in the top of my throat has persisted.
Bummer. At first, I thought the surgery failed, but it did not. I have come to discover after much journaling of foods/symptoms/etc that I have a bad problem of jaw clenching--all the time. This is likely a result of the non-stop acid attack for years. not to mention having 2 young kids. That will clench anyone's jaw. So, after a visit to a neuromuscular dentist for jaw pain, I learned that intense and perpetual clenching can cause throat pain/issues/burning/lumps/swallowing problems. I have just the burning, butr it seems that this constant pressure can cause disfunction in the throat muscles. To test this, I started to work on the clenching, and even began to put tape over my nose at night to force my mouth open. Bingo! Burning eased when I was able to lessen the clenching. I continue to now notice the relationship between my level of clench and level of burn. I am presently in treatment with a mouth orthodic to help me stop this activity. It is a long process, and has not fully worked yet, but I know it will. Just some food for thought for others who can't find answers to their burning. I am hoping it helps the stiff neck and shoulders that come from TMJ as well. This is a stressful world we live in. Guess it is time to learn how to relax.......which also explains why sometimes on vacation, my GERD would ease up a bit. Hmmmmm....anyone else?

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