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I've been having symptoms for about four years similar to yours right after a terrible bout of the flu. After the flu I was left with a lot of mucus in my nose and throat that kept me blowing my nose and clearing my throat to bring up clear,stringy mucus that is constantly lodged there. I also used to get really dry,chapped lips. Finally in 2008 my family doctor referred me to an ENT specialist who discovered a septal perforation and repaired it with minor surgery. Even after the surgery the symptoms persisted so my doctor referred me to an allergist,a pulmonary specialist all to no avail. This past October I started feeling light-headed and dizzy at work and was on my way to the water fountain to get a drink of water when I just fainted and my employer called 911 and an ambulance came to take me to the emergency room. The emergency room doctor did an EKG to rule out heart attack and also took blood work which showed that my hemoglobin was low. He told me that once I cleared up my anemia this constant nose blowing and clear mucus in my throat would clear up. I have been dragging my feet and feeling at my wits end until I read your post cause I couldn't think for the likes of me what "acid reflux like symptoms" and anemia had to do with each other but yesterday I took a complete blood test so my thyroid levels could also be checked. My anemia is caused probably by the fact that I have uterine fibroids and tend to have long,heavy periods. It hasn't been confirmed yet that my heavy menstrual periods are the cause of my anemia but since I'm 50 and near menopause my ob/gyn is going to inject me with Lupron to stop my periods and then we can see if I start to get better without the long,heavy periods. If you have heavy menstrual cycles this could be the cause of your anemia and you might have to see your ob/gyn. Hope this post proves helpful and I will keep you posted on further info I get from my doctor. Like you I am trying to stay optimistic and keep the faith cause not getting any answers for the past four years has seriously affected my quality of life and keeps me in a state of depression.:wave:
Glad to be of help love. Do you know if there is a history of anemia in your family? Sometimes anemia can be inherited because my Dad a thin,elegant man who has been modeling since the age of 10 (he's 74 now) has always been anemic. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the results of my blood tests I took on Tuesday. I had to give 4 vials of blood instead of 1 cause my doctor ordered a full panel blood test which checks for other conditions beside anemia. I really want to start moving forward with a treatment plan cause this constant clear mucus in my throat and nose is driving me crazy. Sometimes doctors tend to pooh pooh patient's symptoms as if they're "all in the mind". I know the mind is powerful and there is a such thing as psychosomatic illnesses but in my case and yours these symptoms are actually REAL. I have an appointment on the 28th of this month to see the ENT who repaired my septal perforation cause the symptoms that I had before the surgery still persist. He has given me all kinds of allergy medications and Nasonex but none of them help me. I'm really curious as to whether or not my problem is caused by acid reflux and not chronic sinusitis that the doctors keep telling me I have. How do doctors check a patient for acid reflux disease?

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