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Every morning I am waking up now feeling moderate pain in my upper mid abdomen, feeling regurgitation and like I could constantly belch. The pain is bad enough that I cannot continue to lay down with it and go back to sleep. But it gets better when I'm up a bit. I pressed on the pain this morning and the burning went up through my back into my shoulders something awful, but not directly in my abdomen or esophagus. I know I have reflux, an ulcer, hiatal hernia, and severe esophageal/stomach inflammation. The medication I'm taking stopped the heartburn - pretty much felt like it was lit with a match beforehand. My ulcer doesn't hurt too much now. I don't get it at all. I have thoracic back pain, and I can't figure out if it's my back burning or my stomach, I'd think since I pressed on my tummy and it did that, it's my tummy. Who knows. I'm so confused. I was going to ask for an MRI on my back, but I don't know what to do. I've been through PT twice for my back and the exercising helped. But how, if my esophagus or tummy could be causing chronic pain there (I'm suspecting) would physical therapy exercises help it so much. Almost cured it while I was going to PT but of course flared back up because I can't do my exercises at home. There's a spot in my back that won't stop hurting. I suffer every night from it and during the day constantly. I've had muscle twitching there, burning, redness, tingling, thobbing pain goes into my neck, jaws, and I get migranes with it and start vomitting. Sometimes my neck goes numb. Could that all just be from my tummy hurting? I called my gastro doc early last week, never did get a call back, so I switched my reflux medication myself back to Kapidex. And I thought it was helping, unlike the other, thought I would die from. It did nothing.

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