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[QUOTE=Jayda222;4274206]Could you tell me more of your symptoms, what does your attacks feel like? I am suffering awful[/QUOTE]I have pain in left arm,heaviness in chest especially soon as i eat.The pain from chest moves to the mid back and i belch alot.Sometimes i'll have burning in chest or even back.When it is severe i'll have burning acid like stuff come back up in throat as if I can't make any food go down.Laying on left side is awful can't do it because i get sore in my chest for some reason so I sleep on right side.I'll have real quick flutters especially after I eat.Anne
I am so sorry you are going through this too!I was back in ER with same symptoms started New Yrs Eve nite didn't give in to it till yesterday.In stomach ,chest center and to the left,pain down left arm nothing seemed to help now new symptom awful coughing spells at night.I'm married and husband is not very happy that I sit up in recliner at nights but like I told him I'm not even that comfortable then.I have started though with eating a few bites and sorry for detail but foam comes up like crazy and I haven't been able to eat much still scared.Well they gave me that look like here we go again.Took ekg fine all the heart related blood testsand said normal.You have severe acid reflux.The got me a number for a gastrologist cant spell but appt is in 2 mths so how does that help me?I started on 2 new things today a friend told me 1 teas vinigar followed by water two times aday and that is good acid that will go against the bad but it will take a couple days to show a difference.My Dr. tpld me to buy Gaviscon and said it is the best you can get for reflux because it stops the acid from coming up.I went to cvs and bought the off brand for around 9 dollars and they said off brand is same thing.It's 8:47 pm here and i feel little better.Soon as i ate me a cracker i could feel a fullness in chest so I give up.I'm gonna give it time and pray real hard that this stuff will go away because i really don't want that camera thingy down my throat.Well I hope I helped you some maybe this will work for us because I'm so sick of going through this everyday thinking I'm one step closer to dying.I have a family to take care of not the other way around.I'll pray for you and let me know whats going on.Take care Anne

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