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Hi Albert I am still in the mess I was with my pains and so tired going to doctor because she says acid,acid acid.The last 2 days I've had pain in left arm,center chest and above left breast.Scared to death of heart but took an anxiety pill so here we go again.I do notice when I eat it sits on be and chest starts to hurt.Dr.seems to think I need to see a therapist about always thinking i'm having and heartattack.I'm not crazy just scared that one day I'm gonna say to myself acid and it will be too late.I get scared to tell husband because he says same thingThe ER knows me by name and Dr. is same way.So I'm just sitting here crying and praying.I am very faithful to Richard Roberts a preacher that comes on at 9pm on satillite and he prays for you and makes you feel better and they have a prayer line.They say if any 2 get together to pray for an illness whatever it is it will be taken care of .I have called many times any it works .I called last night and lady prayed for me and I'm not having pain like I was but soon as I ate this morning little pains especially in back.The number is 1-918-495-7777.This ia a real number for the prayer line I promise you.You will hear recording of the preacher saying prayers or reading testaments from other people.When the man or woman picks up just tell them I'm having pain in chest or acid or anything and say will you say a prayer with me and thats it.I feel so much better because I believe GOD loves us and really doesn't want us in this pain but we need to verbally let him know we believe.My pharmasist told me the gaviscon was only block acid not stop it.She told be to take off brand prilosic 20 mg I t takes 14 days only and it will stop the acid.Also mylanta inbetween this treatment when i feel bad and I take my zantac at bedtime.I just started this prilosic 3 days ago so we will see.Well take care and I'll try to do better in keeping in touch.Anne

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