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[B]What do you think was going on?[/B] Seems to me you may have been having anxiety/panic attacks.
[B]Why did nothing work?[/B] While you are having an anxiety/panic attack, you won't find any relief until the attack levels off.
[B]Should I keep trying the aciphex? Or go back to the prevacid?[/B] You may have developed a tolerance to prevacid after 10 years of use, or it may be the fact the your anxiety levels are too high right now for you to properly control your GERD. So going back to prevacid or trying aciphex may not solve you current issue. Get your anxiety under control and then resume your acid reflux treatment with prevacid which seemed to have worked for you.

[QUOTE=ksc1968;4280063]Hi Don, thanks for the reply. Hmm, you present a very interesting and different reply than expected! I never thought about anxiety as a cause. Is that even possible considering I have a faulty LES? I dont have panic attacks or anxiety attacks that Im aware of .Id be intererested in hearing how anxiety can cause that kind of pain in back and throat. Thanks again for your reply!

This was my opinion based on the some of the symptoms/issues you listed, such as "feels like a heart attack," and "7 hours of horrific pain in the upper back, chest, throat, etc. It was unrelentless. Nothing helped." Which would lead me to believe you were having an panic attack. If you were having acid reflux (GERD) then anti-acids like Gaviscon should have relieved your symptoms, but they did not. Anxiety can intensify current pain or bring on whole new symptoms.

This of course is just my opinion. I am not a doctor and I would always recommend that you always consult your doctor anytime something doesn't "feel right." I went through similar symptoms when I had acid reflux and until I was able to control my anxiety, I could not completely get my acid reflux under control.

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