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Hi All,

I am new to this board, and this seems to be an excellent place to get some advice. Right now, I am in need of one.

I was diagnosed with LPR 3 years back. I used medications (prevacid) for 6 months and after feeling better, I stopped ( after reading all the negative side effects of PPIs).

I wanted to control reflux naturally, and started being very strict on my diet. Since then, in the past 2 years, my symptoms have been pretty much the same..primarily Weak voice (though much better than 3 yrs back), on-and-off difficulty with taking deep breaths, little burping immediately after meals (which is not too uncomfortable and I started to live with it). They have neither aggrevated nor subsided in the past 2 years.

I feel I am controlling it pretty well for the moment, but I lost a lot of my weight. I used to be 130 lbs 3 yrs back, but now I am 115 for a 24 yr old and 5'7" guy. My friends tell that I look extremely thin.

So I decided to gain back some of my weight. I noticed that I have been taking only around 1300-1350 calories before, as my diet used to constitute a lot of fruits which are low calories. I have now increased my calorie intake to 1700 calories per day.

I am very watchful of my diet still. I have completely avoided tea,coffee,soda,beer,alcohol,tomato,raw onion (though I do mix it with other vegetables, stir-fry and then cook it before eating). I am a eggeterian. I limited high-fat and deep fried foods by almost 95%.
I eat 5 times daily. This is what I am eating more or less in a day now.

whole grain bread (4 slices), cereal, 1% fat milk,1 large banana, 6-7 crackers, 1 honey N oat bar, brown rice with some cooked vegetables (salt and pepper added), 3 egg whites, goat protein powder mixed with water, soy meat balls, 1 full apple and may be 2 litres of water.

I want to know how many calories,a typical Gerd/LPR suferer takes on an average. Am I eating too much?
I dont want to be under-weight and dont want to use meds either. Is eating 1700 cal/day ok for a gerd/lpr patient? It would be great if people can post how many calories they consume per day..

I am little concerned that this increase in my daily calorie intake (by about 350 cal) might increase the acid reflux. It is very difficult for me to judge as I do not get any heartburn or any pain. I am just the same way as I have been 2 yrs back.

Can any one give me a proper advice on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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