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[QUOTE=modublin22;4294853]I had a baby 3 years ago and started having chest pains, shortness of breath, and left arm pain. Had a complete heart workup. January of this year, I ate pizza about a 1/2 hour after I ate I started coughing and couldn't breath. Husband called 911, they took me to ER where the told me I had acid reflux here's a nexium follow up with your GI doc. So I did, he did an endoscope. Said I dont have acid reflux. I continued to have breathing problems in my diaphragm area and PCP said you have bronchitis. Gave me predisone, amoxicilian, breathing machine. Continued to have breathing problems and developed swallowing problems. So I called pulmonary doc, sent me to an ENT put a camera in my throat said I have LPR. Gave me nexium. I continued to have swallowing problems did a barium swallow it was normal. Eventually the globas feeling and swallowing got better but I eat the same things everyday. Was on nexium 2 x a day, didn't eat anything that would give me acid reflux, drink only water, sleep sitting up. I am now to the point where I can eat boxed cooked pudding, graham crackers, banana's, egg whites. I have started juicing. I was able to eat fish and veggies until 2 weeks ago I had another bad episode of the breathing, but luckily I controlled it doing a breathing treatment. Lungs are fine no asthma. GI stills ays it is not silent acid reflux. I just got a second opinion by another gI who said it is all anxiety related. I am stressed out but how can these symptoms be here 24 hours a day. I have good days and bad. If I have been sitting for awhile and stand up I have problems in my stomach, upper bowel diaphragm area, when I take a deep breath, expand my stomach it is hard to breath. Also after I have a bowel movement I have the same issue. When I eat or drink anything it feels like my food is just sitting there. I take kapidex now and ativan (as needed) still no improvement. What is going on with me. Does anyone have a clue. I am 35 years old, 5'4", 98 lbs. I have lost about 15-20 lbs with all of this. I am so weak and with not being able to eat my fish, just juicing 2 x a day I am so weak, but can't get anywhere with doc. PCP said try gluten free diet, I've tried, thats not it. She said I could see an allergist and if that doesnt work she will send me to Indiana University. I just want my life back and want to be able to eat and breath again. Can anyone help me?[/QUOTE]

I am sorry to hear about your issues, are you feeling any better now?.

I have LPR and very similiar issues to yourself, including the breathing difficulties. HAve had it now for 2 1/2 years. Mine was caused by a hiatal hernia and if you havent already had a gastroscopy to check for a hiatal hernia, I would strongly advise you get it done. I had multiple people tell me it was all sorts of things also, including stress and everything under the sun.

At the end of the day if you drink a large amount of fluid and then either lie down and and go to sleep and have the breathing problems or find a tickling sensation or burning in the back of your throat when sitting after drinking this, chances are you have lpr (silent reflux - ie reflux that comes all the way up and can be aspirated without having heartburn).

Anyway I hope you get better, my symptoms did get better very slowly over time, unfortunately I then decided (stupidly ) to have a surgical repair done (270 degree nissen fundoplication), big , big , big mistake. I cant say if the 360 degree fundiplication would have been different but after the 270 degree fundolication I have felt 100 times worse.



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