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I've been having a ' clicking ' sound in my throat for about 2-3 weeks after I had throat trauma. I choked on a piece of food and I couldn't get it down my throat so I was hacking and coughing for quite a while. Once that was over, I was extremely tired and my throat was sore for a few days. After the soreness was gone I was finally able to eat some foods, because when it was sore it was difficult to eat.

I still have to chew a bit more than usual to swallow without straining my throat and there are only a few foods that I can eat. Everyone says it's just psychological but I am sure that something is wrong in my throat. I don't tell my throat to just not swallow regular chunks of food. The clicking in my throat does seem to relax a bit when I am eating, but when I am just drinking some water that's when I start to notice it again.

I am a bit worried about this actually, because I can't really eat a lot of vegetables or fruits. ( I can't swallow chips anymore either ). I've read online that this is a real issue and not just imaginary and it can be treated by surgery in the neck.

Reason I come here to ask is, should my clicking throat be taken to a surgeon just because my symptoms are slightly moderate? ( The clicking comes and goes, but doesn't go forever ). I went to 2 ENTs already and they didn't see anything wrong when they looked down at my throat. I am really unsure of what to do. I need to start eating well soon again but I can't because of the clicking. Any thoughts?
Sorry for double post, but I've been doing some more research and it seems that I might just have Globus. After my throat trauma the muscles tends to be more stressed and therefore harder to swallow and therefore it feels like there's some lump in my throat.

Please reply back, I want to know if anyone has gone threw this and knows how long it took to recover.
Check with a gastroenterologist. Be sure to describe your exact symptoms. I have Eosonphilic Esophagitis and the symptoms began like yours. The GI had to do an endoscopy and took biopsies and the pathology report showed the EE. EE is related to food allergies.
[QUOTE=ladybugrose;4300575]Check with a gastroenterologist. Be sure to describe your exact symptoms. I have Eosonphilic Esophagitis and the symptoms began like yours. The GI had to do an endoscopy and took biopsies and the pathology report showed the EE. EE is related to food allergies.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the answer.. I appreciate it. I will tell my mom about going to see a Gastroenterologist tomorrow.. and if we find one, hopefully I can be cured.

Where you able to eat foods and drink normally again after you been treated? I miss being able to love food as much as I did before...
Unfortunately, at this time, there is no cure for this. Recent research also indicates it could be connected to a problem with Chromosome 5. I have to continue to do what I have been doing -- some medications -- avoiding certain foods -- keeping Benadryl dissolve strips and an EpiPen with me all the time. I am supposed to have another endoscopy in a couple of weeks and the GI will dilate my esophagus to hopefully make it easier to swallow and take biopsies to check the current status, whether it is better or worse.
Well, I don't think my symptoms are permanent because this only happening because my throat was stressed out. This is most likely temporary because I have been able to swallow more foods easily now. Before I couldn't take any gulps of water, just had to take sips. Now I can take gulps, but nothing too big.
Synphonic, has anyone ever told you about VCD (vocal cord dysfunction)? I first heard about this 2 weeks ago from my Pulmonologist, who I consulted for a possible case of asthma....after describing my symptoms of feeling as if my throat has something in it, and the ability to cough up mucus after I use an inhaler....he gave me some paperwork on sounded so much like what I was experiencing....they seem to be random type incidents, I had another one this morning....

Now that being said, I have also been tested for asthma last week and acid reflux....reflux test did not show anything positive, but I know I have it...and was told the test may not be the best way to tell..

The asthma test was done with a Methacholine challenge, a test where they bring on symptoms of asthma to see if you have a reaction...I did have a mild main triggers are cold AC air....and I do have allergies...

So how to tie all this together? I have learned that along with asthma and acid reflux a person can also have VCD, due to the irritation of the throat....

My doctor explained that normally the vocal cords are supposed to remain open, but, in some people, they close....there are breathing exercises you can do if you feel that your throat is is to breath from your stomach, this seems to work the best..the other is to breath with lips pursed blowing out, while making the fffffff throat will actually open when I do this...

I also notice if I talk to loudly, or get stressed, the throat closing can happen...I also ate Activia yogurt the other night and had it happen then...I suppose that I am allergic to something in it....

With reflux, it is possible that the vocal cords are extremely irritated....don't let anyone tell you that it is just stress least ask for some testing...I guess the next test would be for them to look down in the throat..

good luck...I know it is a weird feeling with this happens out of the blue

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