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I started getting mild pains in center of chest and some acid regurgitation back in Feb. It comes and goes.

The chest pain is mild and moves around - sometimes in center of chest, sometimes where the esophagus meets the stomach, sometimes on the left side under my breast. I have had tons of mucus lately, mostly in morning. Sometimes my throat feels tight, chest is tight on left side, lots of burping, etc. Symptoms come and go and are not the same day to day.

I stopped taking the PPI a few weeks ago and replaced with natural remedies. The reflux doesn't bother me much at all anymore but I still have the tight chest, mucus and mild pains. My barium swallow showed nothing. I'm working with a chiropractor, 3 sessions in and she thinks maybe I have a "sliding" hiatal hernia and maybe that's why it didn't show up on the upper GI test. Anyone else have symptoms like this? They aren't terrible but distracting and annoying! Why wouldn't the test show anything?

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