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[QUOTE=rosebloom;4304140]I think the mastic gum is mainly for H-Pylori, which is the bacteria that causes ulcers and heartburn for some people. I am not sure it helps unless you have diagnosed H-Pylori in your stomach. I think there is a breath test one can take as one of the ways to diagnose H-Pylori or it can be done through endoscopy. If you have it, you can use mastic gum or be treated with a combo of antibiotics and Pepto-bismol.

Watch out for the carbs. Too many carbs, i.e., all those potatoes, give me heartburn. Potatoes are supposed to be bland foods but the carbohydrate overload they produce apparently makes it harder for the stomach to digest them. Ergo, the potatoes stay longer in the stomach, the stomach produces more acid to digest them, and we may experience heartburn as a result.

Keeping a low carb diet is hard to do, but I am almost heartburn free on the days I don't consume too many. I am eating more protein and veggies and less carbs and dairy. I also have to be careful with fruit. A banana sent me into a day long heartburn episode a week ago. I don't know if this was because of the sugar or the carbs in the banana. Today I had some type of spinach pastry puff for breakfast and I have experienced mild to moderate heartburn. I was nearly heartburn free for the past four days when I stayed away from carbs.

I think what happens to me is that I if have a bad day, I become stricter with my diet. Then, I have three or four good days and start slacking off and going back to eat things I think I know will cause heartburn. Then, I experience heartburn and the cycle begins all over again. Or maybe, who knows? It may just be the cycle of the disorder, and diet may have absolutely nothing to do with it.

It's a trial and error process for most of us in dealing with this little monster we call reflux.

I also take Zantac and think it is a lot safer for long term use than the PPI's. I no longer take it daily but sporadically (like today) as needed. I may take one every three to four days when I have a flareup.


What can I eat that has some calories?? I need to intake 1900 calories to maintain my already low 160lbs and only finding myself taking in 1400. I feel like the more healthy I eat the sicker I am feeling. It's getting harder. I don't know if its just caused this acid rebound is making things worse or what. I am taking Zantec 150 3 times a day and a bunch of tums. This is the end of my 11th day off the Nexium. I am fearful my throat is getting damaged with all the acid my body is making.

Can you share what a typical day of food that you eat?

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