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My reflux journey begins about 2 years ago, I was 5 foot 9 and a half, 194lbs 36 years old and my diet which was poor to begin with and became really bad. I got a new sales position and a big expense account. I was eating a lot of high fat, rich foods for lunch at many of the top Restaurants in NYC. At first I was getting chest pains and trouble breathing, I thought I was heart related as I have a history of heart diseases in my family. I got myself checked out and all was normal. (EKG, Stress test,etc) Over the next few months I started to gradually get more and more mucas build up. It got to the point my throat had so much mucas I had trouble swallowing. I went to a couple of ENTS and finally found a decent one. He made me get an allergy test, FEES test (Swallowing of Barium while they put camera down throat), and a Cat scan of sinus. The Sinus and allergy test came up negative; while they didnít test for every food or plant it still was negative(Debating on getting a thorough food test). The FEES test was positive with a slight case of liquid coming back up. I was put on Nexium 40mg a day. I took me 2 months for the Mucas to subside. I still had some issues with Reflux like symptoms but not as bad. By 6 or 7 months I started to wean off. I was off and on for about a year or so. I never fully go off completely. I never really changed my diet but I did cut back a little a little on food excursions but still not eating healthy.
Fast forward to March 2010. I was still 194lbs, my cholesterol was high, triglycerides were up to 195, liver enzymes were slightly elevated (Fatty Liver) and was getting a lot of tightness in my throat and mucas.(Mucas not as bad as 2 years ago, but annoying(Came and gone during the day) My wife complained that I snored and when sleeping, I sounded like I had a lot of mucas in my throat when sleeping. I knew I needed to change my diet or I would have excessive mucas like I did 2 years ago. And have heart and diabetes problems down the road.
My brother was an advocate of low carb diets and lost alot of weight. I went on a diet where I consumed no more than 50g of carbs a day. I lost 24lbs in 8 weeks. After 3 months I got blood work done and my triglycerides went from 195 down to 89! My liver enzymes where were always borderline fatty and now they dropped to mid range! While I felt great from a weight loss perspective, I was getting more and more mucus and tightness in my throat, which started to occurred several times a day. It was great that I cut out the carbs, carbs but I did eat a lot of red meat and fatty fried foods. This is a no no as we all know can wreak havoc for our esophagus. I tried DGL and was taking a teaspoon of ginger which I juiced ginger root in a juice. They did help a little but not results I needed.
Which brings me to this point in my life. I kept getting worse and worse. I would be on the train going into work, clearing my throat, feeling like my throat was closing up. What do I do. I cant go anywhere I am on a train. So it was also stressful and anxiety played a part as well.
I have now started to eat only chicken (Broiled or steamed), Spinach (Lots of spinach), romain lettuce, celery, poached eggs. etc. Only eating apples with cinnamon for a snake. From a recommendation from a friend I started to take Align acidophilus every night and Wholezymes(Digistive enzymes, 2x during meals, 1s with snakes) I started my diet July 20th. Within the first week my wife told me I slept without any mucas in throat. I stopped snoring already when I lost the weight from the low carb diet but my wife was amazed how peaceful and quiet I slept. She thought I might have died I was so quiet and checked on me several times at night. 

I am scheduled to get scoped on Augest 23rd but I donít think they are going to find any damage. I mean I was on PPI for 2 years.

The first 10 days of diet went well, my mucas was starting to become less frequent but I still had tightness in my throat which for me is a horrible and scary feeling. One night I couldnít sleep and went on Nexiumís website and looked at the side effects. There is a 1% chance that it could cause tightness in throat and mucas. I decided the next day to stop cold turkey. I donít know if it was a placebo effect or what but my tightness of throat went away almost completely. For the next 5 days my mucas lessen with only an occasional flair up during the day.(Usually right after I ate lasted 20 mins)
Now hereís the not so fun part. On Day 6, I felt good, infact I felt great. Could it be, did I rid myself of this God forsaken GERD? An hour or so after dinner (7:00pm) I had major acid indigestion. So much acid I could feel it in my throat, ears, stomach. It was crazy because I never have that feeling. I went to store and purchased Tums 750mg. I took two and two GiaHerb Reflux Relief pills I usually chew on when I get mucas. While Tums helped a little I still had a lot of acid. I tried to goto bed around 11:00pm. Acid still. Took another TUMS and then my Align pill and fell asleep. Now I did eat something new around 4:30 before dinner that I never ate before. I have been keeping a journal of what I eat and my reactions.(Doing a food elimination Diet). It was fresh red cherries. I had about ten of them. I am not sure if that set me off or if its just a reaction of the Nexium completely leaving my system.
I woke up the next day with acid still and ate breakfast. After break I felt the acid get stronger and stronger. I passed wind and it I felt burning sensation. My urine felt a burning sensation too! I mean WTF its burning when I pee.(Not to the extreme I was in a lot of pain but still)
My loving wife ran to the store and purchased Zantec 75mg. I tried taking one at 12:00. Felt alittle better but no t enough to neutralize the acid. I took 2 TUMS and then at 1:45pm took another Zantec.
I started to feel better. I did some more searching on the internet and read Rose Blooms post about Acid Rebound. I also spoke to a friend of mine who was taking aciphex for 3 months, got off cold turkey and had his urine burning for 2 weeks until his body adjusted. He took zantec and tums to get through it.

I really donít want to go back to taking Nexium. I can live with Zantec for the rest of my life if I have to.. I mean look what this Nexium did to me. How does my body produce that much acid after getting off the drug.
I hope I can get through this. I hope this out of control acid stabilizes and doesnít impact my scope on the 23rd. I really canít take living like this. I donít usually show emotion but I am breaking down.

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