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So, i've been diagnosed with GERD and have been on PPI's for some time, i take Lansoprazole 30mg twice daily.
My problem is that after i eat or drink about 5 mins later i think i feel it reflux back up into my throat. Like if i eat or drink something cold a few minutes later i feel it come back up and my throat goes cold again as if i've just ate or drank something cold again. I'm pretty sure it's not acid as i am on a high dose of Lansoprazole and it doesn't burn.
I also have a come and go irritated throat which i think may be the result of this reflux?
Does anybody else have these symptoms or am i alone on this one?
Also could this be bile? I've heard PPI's don't affect bile reflux.
Any ideas?
I hope i'm not alone lol (although i wouldn't wish this on anyone)

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