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I'm one of these lucky people who has both LPR and TMJ, yay! I wore braces for nearly two years to try to "fix" the TMJ, and it has helped some.

With the LPR, that's more difficult to remedy. Bentleys I do know with LPR with the testing you've had, something would have shown up eventually. A swollen throat or vocal cords, swelling or redness near the opening of the esophagus, eroded teeth, scarring in the esophagus, or swelling of the Larynx, Sinus problems.. ect ect, all of which they found in me at some point or another in time.

If nothing was ever found in your case, then it is most likely not LPR but something else with symptoms similar to LPR as MountainReader has pointed out. I hope you find out what it is soon!

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