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I have two thoughts on this. My boss did have a surgery to fix his GERD and while he no longer refluxes, he also cannot vomit. So if he gets a stomach virus or food poisoning, he just has to deal with it. No way to get it out that way, unless he has his stomach pumped.

Before I pose my other thought, I'd like to preface it that I have GERD and was on Prevacid for the last 9 years- I've done the routine of having the upper endoscopy and the discomfort of acid indigestion, the horrid pain of having an eroded esophagus, and the myriad drugs that just didn't work.

So my other thought is why we- as patients- aren't doing more to find out why we have GERD to begin with. It's becoming so prevalent, as mentioned by the OP, and rarely hear anyone try to find the root cause. In my case, the root cause was that I had an allergy to dairy products. Not an intolerance, like lactose intolerance, but an actual allergy. After 9 years on Prevacid, I was seeking treatment for an unrelated illness (Hashimotos Thyroiditis) and my doctor put me on a food elimination diet to determine if I had allergies. My acid reflux went away. When we added milk and other dairy products back in, I began refluxing again, burning in the stomach, etc. I no longer eat or drink dairy products and I have weaned myself from taking 30mg Prevacid Rx twice a day, to once a day, to switching to 15mg Prevacid OTC once a day to taking it once or twice a week. I should be done with PPI's altogether within another month or so.

Not everyone is going to solve their GERD by finding they have a food allergy, but it wouldn't be surprising if some people had a similar cause for their GERD as I did.

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