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I am new to the forum and hope to receive help and help others...

My personal history began when I had a case of vomiting/food poisoning, and took an antibiotic to get better. A few days after the antibiotic I felt GERD at night, then more frequently, and was eventually diagnosed and started with a PPI.

I am the type of person that hates to be sick and hates to be on medication long-term. This was my first health problem, and it happened three years ago when I was 24.

I was in Central America at the time and went on Nexium for 1.5 years. I had endoscopies done there and in Canada, which showed that my esophagus was in good health. In Central America they thought I had a hiatal hernia, but in Canada they said I did not, or if I did it is too small to even matter.

Regardless I would get heartburn ALL day regardless of what I ate. After 1.5 years I was sick of being on Nexium and began saw a Chinese Herbalist in Canada. She gave me a concoction of herbs to take as a tea twice daily, which I did. After 2 months I had to stop due to liver problems, supposedly caused by the herbs but not confirmed. After I stopped the herbs my liver got better, AND my heartburn was gone. I would get heartburn if I slept flat at night, but as long as I had my bed up I would be FINE, eating whatever I wanted.

Now recently I had to take a strong antibiotic for a prostate infection and it brought my GERD ALL back. I was so depressed, but thought maybe after the antibiotic I would be fine. I wasn't, and have continued with GERD. I was on Ranitidine, then two days with Omeprazole, then was fine for 2 weeks!!! This is amazing for me, because if I am not on pills I have HORRIBLE heartburn ALL DAY, so to be fine for 2 weeks without a PPI or Ranitidine was AMAZING. I thought I was better again, as when I took the chinese herbs, but alas, a few days ago my GERD returned.

Mine is so annoying because it is the same regardless what I eat. I had finally beaten it with the chinese herbs, but a new antibiotic brought it back! Now I can't take the chinese herbs again because the first time it looks like they had adverse effects on my liver.

I am 27 and recently married and TERRIFIED of long term side effects, i.e. barrets, as well as being on PPI's my entire life. Sometimes I feel so depressed and I just can't put up with it. I want to be better again.

Has anyone else had symptoms like this? As in, GERD is gone, then comes on with an antibiotic, then is permanent, then with 2 days of Omeprazole is gone for 2 weeks, then comes back? It is constant, regardless of what I eat, and I don't know what to do. I am TERRIFIED of dying from this long term.

Any help would be so appreciated. I am generally a strong willed, capable determined guy but with this sickness I have found my weak spot, and I have a hard time being optimistic.

PS. I have had endoscopies and motility tests done more than once, both confirm GERD. 24 hour PH tests have shown not a huge amount of acid, but I get worse symptoms than ANYONE I have ever heard of. I know of someone who got Barrets with very few GERD symptoms, so with my constant reflux pain I am so afraid of getting Barrets young, and dying of esophageal cancer.

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