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Thanks for your quick reply. What do you take now for acid reflux? I am still suffering with bad indigestion. It gives me chest pain and back pain and also i am having intermittent breathing problems. I can't catch a cleansing breath. I don't know if this is related, but i have been to the cardiologist and the pulmonologist and they don't think anything is wrong there. Tomorrow i am going for an upper gi series. I do know that i have been diagnosed before with a hiatal hernia. As i told you, also IBS. But i have been going to natural drs and i have been diagnosed by them as having candidia (yeast overgrowth) of the intestines. The thing is the regular drs don't believe in that. I am stuck between two different philosophies. Hope to hear from you soon. LaLa
I never heard of anyone having surgery for acid reflux. Do you mean you had surgery for the hiatal hernia? I can't stand this breathing issue. I don't have asthma though. I know what you mean about the nd's. I am not covered for them either and have spent a ton of money because i have lots of other issues. I can't get into it all now but the jist of it is that 4 1/2 yrs ago a got some kind of a virus and have been sick ever since. Symtpoms range from stomach issues, to joint pain, to tingling on top of head, neck and lower back pain, balance issues, you name it i have it. I have gone to millions of drs with no answers. Even the natural ones. They put me on tons of supplements spend tons of dollars and am getting nowhere. The breathing issue is the newest issue with the extreme indigestion. So i guess since you has the surgery you are better now? Talk soon.LaLa p.s. my brother lives in salt lake city. I noticed you are from Utah.
I still have the residual digestive issues, but my acid related breathing issues were better from the moment I woke from surgery. I still have asthma problems, but they are now more environmentally and allergy triggered.

There are several surgical approaches to reflux. They are definitely not a first option, but for some of us who have severe reflux, it becomes an option worth considering. The surgery I had is called a Nissen Fundoplication. They did it laproscopically in my case. They went in and wrapped the upper part of my stomach (fundus) around my esophagus and stitched it into place. Now, every time my stomach contracts, it contracts around the esophagus. Basically, my stomach is acting in place of my LES that wasn't functioning properly. It only has about a 85% success rate in the short term. I'm not sure what the long term success rate is. There is a higher success rate for people with breathing problems related to the reflux. Ironically, the surgery has also appeared to reduce my number of sinus infections and lowered my blood pressure.

I'm a bit unusual in that my GI doc kept me on 60mg Dexilant even after the surgery. Most people who have the surgery are able to go off the PPI's, at least for a while.

I'm sorry to hear about all your other issues. I have other issues I'm dealing with, but they aren't as severe as yours. It seems that many things that are seemingly unrelated often end up interconnected. In addition to allergies, asthma, reflux and IBS, I had ear pain/stuffiness, shoulder pain (and surgery), back and neck pain. After about 1 1/2 years, I now know I have TMJ (from grinding and possibly from intubation during surgery) that having my jaw joint out of wack has thrown my neck/back/hip alignment off. I've also found out my joints hypermobile as well. My TMJ specialist has highly recommended that I seek naturopathic solutions because my entire body is inflammed.
I don't know what happened, but your reply did not come through my e-mail like it usually does. I went to the acid reflux board and went to our first post and the last page, and there was your response. I was wondering why i did not hear from you. Anyway, here I am. My arm is,thank goodness, getting better. I was actually able to get myself ready to go out last night. But it was not a good night. It was good to see my friends, but i was so nauseaus. I don't think it was from the meds because i did not take the naproxin yesterday and only took one pain killer at 12:00. I thought by taking that it would help me in getting ready to take a shower, etc. by around 3:00. It did help but i was sick feeling all night. This just happened on Mon. I took very few doses of meds anyway. I wonder if the nauseus feeling is anything to do with stopping the nexium. I could not handle all the meds. I decided not to take the nexium monday and tues. By tues afternoon that is when the extreme nauseausness started. I can't take it anymore. If it is not one thing it is another without any diagnosis. I can't even enjoy a night out without feeling sick or pain somewhere. I feel very depressed. I was never like this before. It all went down hill about a year after I got divorced. I have the black cloud. Thanks for your advice. How are you doing? Do you work? Do you have a family? Oh, that reminds me, my son is leaving to go back to college on Friday. That is bringing me down a little bit also. I like the freedom when he is not here, but i also enjoy when he is home. I always adjust when he leaves but it takes a couple of days. I do have a great boyfriend. We are supposed to be getting engaged and married soon, but i have to tell you, all my health issues has taken a little toll on the relationship. I was healthy and happy when i met him and with all my issues, i am no longer the same person. We are still going ahead with out plans, but it is more strained do to illness. I am sorry for being so doom and gloom, i hate being this way, but it is what it is right now. Talk soon. LaLa

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