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Not sure how much this will help but, I do have an ulcer that feels 'better' after I eat. I do have acid reflux and I do get the burning sensation from my stomach up to my throat. Not always both at the same time. I do have serious gas or trapped air that makes my chest and arm and back hurt. (I thought it was my heart for a long time. That alone would cause me to panic, thus begins a cycle of nerves) But, I burp or it comes out the other end and it goes away! It's scary, annoying and frustrating.

I just started taking Lansoprazole (prevacid) a little over two weeks ago. It has helped my stomach burning but, not the bloat and esophageal burn. I take a chewable pepcid for that. I know that it will help the ulcer and that's my goal with it.

The anxiety alone is enough to send ya over the edge. Believe me, I know.

I've found a greener diet helps me tons. I try to avoid dairy, spicy and sweets. NO caffeine!! Smoking also irritates it a lot, I'm working on that =)

If your doc orders an endoscopy, get it. Then you will know and feel much better. I highly doubt its any kind of cancer, your blood work would have at least shown some inflammation somewhere.

My plan is to stay on my fake prevacid, stop smoking and watch my diet AND the time of day I eat, get more rest and try to cut down on some of the major stressors in my life. Hard to do but, even a little helps a lot. Get your endoscopy!!

Oh and... Yes! I get the painful swallowing as well, Almost feels like my food is stacking up in there. I also contribute some of that feeling to my thyroid being out of whack, which I am now medicating.

Best wishes to you. Post back after you've had your endo!!

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