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I am depressed, I feel horrible, at times I feel like I am going to die from acid reflux. A year ago, I noticed wheezing when I would lay down, pain in mid throat area, hoarseness, sore throat, sore throat on one side of throat, what feels like sinus infection and earaches, but none of these things are caused by an infection. Had a scan of neck, nothing abnormal thankfully. Been to GI, ENT, a few different GP's, had heart scan and stress test. I tried getting off omeprozole because I felt like pooh, tired, bloated, diarrhea, but would get terrible stomach pains, so ate to assuage the pain, gained about 20 lbs. Yeah, I need to lose weight, it's hard. Back on ppi, I can't tolerate the sensation of having yesterdays food still in my stomach 24 hours later, so switched to ranitidine, nothing is helping. My chest feels tight and I get itchy/ red/ or a hive on the outside of my throat about where my voicebox is. Is this emphysema or asthma, ENT said at the time my throat was the best he'd ever seen it, no VCD. Oh yeah, when I yawn, sometimes I get muscle cramps in my neck, painful. :dizzy: GI giy I have to see is not helpful. This is taking a toll on me.

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