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Hi, I'm a guy with possible LPR, obsessing about it, enduring it for a month. As another guy with LPR, can I ask you, does it tend to come and go? Have you had any long breaks from it? What do you think of the recent placebo studies that show ppis don't affect the larynx symptoms (basically, all the stuff we LPR people want to go away).

I'm not trying to be a nay sayer, but there is a lot of BS that we LPRers get told, and then start believing. But let me ask you, and other sufferers this, what kind of a drug do you take double doses of for 6 months, and it either improves your symptoms, or in the majority of cases, doesn't. That sounds like they are treating the wrong thing.

I think LPR is real IF the patient also has GERD. But I think a lot of us are up the creek and can't expect any help, until maybe someday, someone is going to realize the same symptoms are caused by some virus or something. In my case, and a lot of other peoples cases, I had no heartburn, no GERD, and it's a little hard to believe that drugs that provide no relief for LPR sufferers, but do provide relief almost instantly for GERD sufferers, are the right therapy, or even treating the right bloody thing.

We might as well all just say we have been possessed by a "demon." That's about how much the medical community understands what we are dealing with. Anyway, how is your experience with it? Does it get better? What can I look forward to?
Well Hawkins, this is exactly my case in point. You have heartburn AND throat symptoms so the ppi is a miracle worker for you.

However, a lot of so called LPR patients have no heartburn ever and didn't, then they got a bad cold, and suddenly they have these non-specific symptoms like: globus, a feeling of a stick in the throat, throat clearing after meals, and just other creepy stuff that feel totally new when it starts. It feels like a larynx issue, but ppis seldom help those people, placebo studies have more and more recently shown.

That's different. These people feel no acid come up in the night, unlike real GERD sufferers, yet they have these peculiar symptoms. They are told by ENT doctors these days, it's GERD. But I'm suggesting, these are about 3 or 4 different syndromes causing the same or similar type symptoms.

However, for people with bad heartburn, ppis and surgery will cure the throat symptoms too often. YET, for people with no heartburn, they say "geez. I take 2 ppis a day for 6 months and my symptoms just fluctuate randomly between good and bad."

I personally think they are going to find a virus someday that resembles GERD, or an allergy like mold, and all these asshole doctors are going to say "Ahhhhhh....."
Meanwhile people like me suffer for no reason.

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