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Hi All!

I just saw my gastroenterologist this afternoon and he told me that I'm at the end of the line, that it's time I had a fundoplication. Before I get into my's my history, as brief as I can make it!

I am 24. When I was 19 I had jaw surgery that led to a massive infection, osteomyelitis and a dozen surgeries. I was on massive amounts of antibiotics, one of the side effects which was acid reflux.

After this whole she-bang I was put on Pantaloc and told that the reflux should be gone in 4-6 weeks, since it was from the antibiotics irritating the esophagus. A couple months later, it was still there. They switched me to Nexium, 40 mg a day.

The reflux progressively worsened over the next year or so. I tried a half a dozen different PPI's then I was switched to 80mg of Nexium a day. I completely changed my diet (when I was actually able to eat anything!). Then I was sent to a gastro, who did a scope and put my on 80 mg daily of Domperidone, in addition to the 80 mg of Nexium.

I was booked to have the 24 hour pH testing and manometry done. I went in for that but I was unable to complete the procedure. I am incredibly sensitive about having my face touched (after all the hell it's been through, and the nerve and bone damage)...and I just couldn't handle having the tube put through my nose and down my throat.


Fast forward back to today. I saw the gastro doc and he's recommending that I have a bravo capsule put in to test the pH etc. and then be referred to a surgeon for a fundo.

What I would like to know...has anyone had the bravo capsule test done? My other option is to try to have the manometry and pH testing done again...

Also, I am still getting symptoms (regurgitation, ill after eating, uncomfortable fullness, stomach pain and bloating, hoarse voice, clearing throat and coughing etc) with all the medications. Has anyone had this and had any luck with just giving it time?

Lastly, how have people's experiences with a fundo been? Have others gotten it as young as me? Any other info you could give would be appreciated, thanks!

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