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Hey All

Well I am brand new to this board and have read a bit and like the help everyone offers, so I thought I would bite the bullet and ask my question.

I "think" I might have acid reflux or gerd/gord (Depending on where you live and how they spell it and I just wanted to ask if my symptoms sound like it or something else?

- Not what I would call heartburn (Don't really know what that actually is) but a acid burning taste in the back of my throat that is there a lot of the time.

- Nausea - this is my biggest hate, never actually thrown up but I feel sick to the stomach very often most often as soon as I wake, get better by lunch then worse sometimes later in the day - like today! Sometimes when I eat it makes me feel better for a while, but sometimes I just can't eat anything so don't.

- A pressure at the very base of my neck, if you feel just above the circular part on your chest until you feel your windpipe - just there, it is a big annoyance - I describe it as someone pushing their fist up into your throat or trying to.

- Burping, like I have just drank a can of fizzy really quick - this happens all day and at times when I burp it relieves the nausea but only for a minute or so.

Apart from those, heaps of gurgling in the gut, bloating at times and windy sometimes - but going to the toilet is completely normal or the same as always.

So that is about me - I have been to my GP, had ultrasound of abdomen (Gallbladder, kidneys etc), have lots of stool samples checking for h pylactor or some bug, parasites like giardia and blood present all have come back clear. I have been referred to a GI specialist but first available appointment is in Jan 2011 - I want to be better before then ! I live in a smaller city and at the moment we only have two of the GI specialists available - another city is a possibility though. I think I will need a scope down the throat to see what is going on and maybe other tests?

I have been prescribed the following

- Nexium 40mgs which I took up until a couple of days ago - no side effects but no effects at all - couple of days ago I got bad acid burn at the back of the throat and all I was drinking was water all morning?

- Have since been switched onto Sozol, or Pantoprazole or Protonix once again depending on where you live, been on that 2 days which is not long but feel like it might be helping a little ? Maybe it is placebo though - hope not !

- Motilium which is supposed to get your stomach to empty faster - was on that for about a week and noticed no difference was sick of taking 3 tablets of that a day so stopped did not see any improvement at all.

So I guess I would just like to know if all these symptoms sound like acid reflux to those of you who have it, is it common to not have "heartburn" or pain associated with it and just nausea and acid in the back of the throat ?

Previous Info....
Earlier this year I was feeling sick in the stomach, went to the doc who suggested it might be IBS and gave me a couple of things none worked, ended up at a naturopath who did a blood test for food intolerances and it came back with a few - cows milk was the main one - stopped eating dairy and was good up until 2 months ago - So don't think it could be anything I am intolerant to unless that can change in months ?

Diet - After a lot of playing around I pretty much live on

Breakfast - Watermelon, puree apple and banana
Lunch - Either a wrap or a wholemeal sandwich, no butter just lettuce, chicken and carrot
Dinner - Chicken with vegetables or some sort of mixture like that.

Do eat a lot of lollies, sweets etc - like gummy bears etc.
32yo guy, 75kg's thin to medium build - don't drink but do smoke 10-12 a day of the mildest ones I can buy - not that that is still any good I know, I know working on it !!

Any help is greatly appreciated !!!!
Thanks in advance

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