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I came to this thread just yesterday.
I was diagnosed with Gerd about 5 years ago. And handed a rx for Nexium. I went off it because I didn't feel good on it. Can't remember now what it was. Maybe I didn't stay on it long enough.
Previously to this diagnosis, however, I always have had copious amounts of mucous in the back of my throat for years. A globus feeling of a lump in my throat. (One doctor said I had globus hystericus - I thought that was hysterical if I hadn't felt so miserable.) A cough. But little else.
Over last 5 years developed other various symptoms. (Went to doctors about Lyme since I had so many symptoms I couldn't keep up with) For the last few months have had increasing severity related to burning tongue, mouth, back of throat and in the last 2 weeks I can barely eat anything. This has been so long in the making I fear I have done more damage then I care to think about. Oh yes, about 2 months ago I took LOSEC but I felt very short of breath with it and "buzzed."

I saw your mention of Dr. Jamie Kaufman she seems to make a compelling case for LPR and treating it differently then GERD. It's so new I'm sure it would be impossible for you to know yet whether it all works.

So here I am, with all of you. If any of you have encouraging news on successful ways you have been coping or have been treating your LPR (GERD) I'd love to hear more.

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