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The Problem with PPIs is that they could hypothetically create a problem that wasn't there to begin with. Imagine this situation:

A person with a healthy digestive tract and no acid getting into his larynx by mysterious pathways, gets a cold. The cold swells the tissue in the larynx and somehow attacks the tips of nerves, or the nerves are set off into some sort of hyperkinetic pattern.

The person, alarmed when his cold goes away and the throat symptoms persist, goes to an ENT.

The ENT doctor looks at the larynx and sees a red streak, the patient's cold having just ended. The doctor immediately prescribes 6 months of 80 mg of nexium per day.

Suddenly, in a healthy functional digestive tract, this patient is taking double the amount of proton pump inhibitors that a severe GERD patient would take. He also takes it continually for half a year.

You don't think that's going to cause serious digestive issues for this person, whose digestive tract was never the problem in the first place? They will have so much gastrin in their blood, and the pumps will go into a state of trying to overcompensate for all the acid suppression.

Then the patient will try to quit his ppis after a while. But wait, now he has chest pain and indigestion when he tries that. For the first time, our patient starts to get severe heartburn. He goes back on his double dose of ppis.

"I guess I did have heartburn, and the ppis are treating my acid reflux problem. I better stick with this and just watch my diet better." says the patient, and the vicious cycle continues.


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