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Hey so I just signed up on this site due to some late night "thinking" and "stressing" about a current issue I've been having for say about 4 months now. The main problem for me is my throat. I've felt irritation for this 4 month duration, it came on sore for about a week *3 times* during these 4 months.

I went to a *walk-in* doctor about it initially and he said my throat seemed very "congested". He gave me an anti-bacterial medication I believe and no change what so ever. This has continued and I finally got a family doctor (new to the city) I went and saw him regarding my throat. He said my tonsils we're "Swollen" and he swabbed me. The swab came back "nothing".

He gave me "CO-RANITIDINE" 150mg which I don't think I took very properly. He said an hour before eating and twice a day, I never took it as prescribed. A big problem with my issue is that its "off and on" somedays I won't even notice the throat issue, other days I will.

NOW....(Sorry for ranting I'm just trying to not leave out any details) I also get nausea from time to time, mid-day especially. I get weird heart attack like pain in my chest where my heart is maybe once or twice a week that scares the hell out of me. I wake up in the morning with a mild sore throat but it goes away after I get up and drink something.

So, I'm 21 years old, 245 pounds, I don't drink much alchohol, I am an occassional Smoker, maybe 1 ciggarette a day, sometimes none. My diet was previously terrible but I'm not in the gym exercising and on a new routine...

LONG STORY SHORT....what the heck do I have??? ALL input is greatly appreciated.


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