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Hi all - could really do with some fellow sufferer's expertise! i started with awful acid burning in june after a course of antibiotics. this went on for weeks - i took a course of omeprazole and it solved the acid but i had awful stomach cramps which i put down to the medication although my whole digestive system had not felt happy before then. when i finished the course - the acid was not as bad and the cramps seemed to stop. i was dealing with the acid with over the counter remedies but then i stopped my citalopram (anti depressant) and 3 days later WHAM - i was hit with stomach cramps and everything felt 100 x worse. my gp arranged an endoscopy and i took a course of ranitidine which was not very effective - the acid would return several times a day and several times a week i would be hit with awful stomach cramps which were then relieved by passing wind.

the endoscopy a few weeks ago revealed mild reflux/oesophagitis - i started lansoprazole and all seemed fine for the first 4 days and then for the last 5 days - my stomach has kicked off again. my symptoms are top to bottom - tight, painful stomach, bloating, abdominal discomfort, griping pains, wind, pain in my back etc and it is really getting me down although no acid which the lansoprazole has seemed to stop.

last year i had an over active thyroid which then went underactive and is now stabilised. i also took a year to come off the citalopram and i have come off the contraceptive pill too. i also had a few courses of antibiotics during this time - i am wondering if all of these things have upset my stomach - if so - then i do not want to insist on investigation because i do not want to pile more stress on myself - however - i keep worrying i may have something other than the reflux/oesophagitis that has not been diagnosed!

what i want to know is do other poeple suffer similar symptoms in their whole digestive system with acid reflux and not just the burning?

i am at a complete loss now and don't know if its psychological or physical in nature :(

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