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Hi everyone,

This is the first time I am posting, but I have been lurking on these boards for the last few weeks. My story is long, but I did want to ask a question before I forget- have any of you had your gallbladder removed? I did 10 years ago and I am curious to see if there is a connection.

6 Months ago I became very anemic and needed a blood transfusion- 2 units of packed red plasma. My doctor told me that I am missing a clotting factor and combined with I have been a vegetarian (not vegan, just no meat) for the past 18 years. I had an allergic reaction to the blood towards the end of the first unit, hives, shortness of breath, etc. Although my iron levels went to an 11.8 (I was a 6.7 when I went in), I did not lose the shortness of breath and was on Benadryl for the next 2 weeks and a Prednasone pack.

A month later, I began having burning pain in my stomach, no heartburn. I assumed with the stress I developed an ulcer. The shortness of breath remained (and still does) and I started to get a lot of headaches, dizziness and blurry vision. My GP, who does not like the words "blurry vision" immediately sent me over for an MRI. It showed that my sinus cavities are full (no air) and that I have sinusitis. After 3 different courses of antibiotics- nothing has seemed to help.

During this time, I went to get my hair highlighted and discovered that I have developed an allergy to hair dye (after 22 years). Back on Prednisone

6 weeks ago, I was eating popcorn :) A shell from a popcorn kernal got lodged in the back of my throat/tounge- it drove me INSANE for 2 1/2 days, i tried EVERYTHING to get this kernal out of my throat but couldn't. After 2 1/2 days- it seemed to have passed, however- I now have the crazy feeling that there is a hair on the back of my tounge (I scrape my teeth on my tounge all day). I went to an ENT, who confirmed my sinus problem and said - looks like silent reflux after a nasalscope, gave me a 20 day course of antibiotics, Dexilant and - you guessed it, more Prednisone. I had the antibitocs before and Prednisone, so I am guessing that the Dexilant did not agree with my stomach and I stopped taking it.

3 weeks ago, I started feeling like I am gagging on food- that a piece of whatever I eat gets stuck in my throat (adams apple area). I gag when I eat and stopped eatting most food, as it seems to not be worth the hacking and coughing for the next 2 hours that I have after. I am only drinking water, apple juice, soup and yogurt now. I am chewing a lot of gum. I have gone from 140 pounds to 123 pounds in the last 6 weeks.

I am going to a GI Dr for the first time tomorrow and my fear is that he is going to do an endoscope and my anxiety and potential for a panic attack is not approving that. I am absolutely terrified, depressed, helpless and feel very alone as my family is wonderful, but they do not understand and just tell me to eat something.

I just wanted to share and say thank you for all of the great posts/tips you are all providing, people like me really take comfort in it and I will be going to the Healthfood market tomorrow for the D3!

Thank you again,

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